The Wiz Kids (4-5 years)

Ensuring the optimum development of your child doesn’t have to be a very complicated process.
Wiz kids room

Our Wiz Kid classroom is a carefully designed PreKindergarten classroom that explores all of the world around them. We work hard to make sure this classroom challenges young minds just enough to get them engaged and work hard while having fun and learning when they don’t even know it! This class is more than just basic colors, shapes, letters, and counting. We use the Social and Emotional, Physical, Arts, Literacy, Cognitive, Math, Science and technology, Social Studies, and language domains to guide our lesson plans and teaching. Through those domains, we teach to the whole child, finding what they are interested in or good at doing, and explore ways of learning through those gifts. Children in this classroom are given lots of opportunities to choose various things they want to do in order to help them learn to become more responsible and organized.

Our teachers keep a close eye on skills they will need once they reach Kindergarten so that we can make sure that each child is able to reach their full potential before they go. We keep Portfolios for each child so that when we meet for parent and teacher conferences, we can show parents different examples of their learning and discuss where they’ve flourished and where they may need more support. Our assessments guide our instruction, but they are not usually done with pen and paper! We do hands-on activities and games to keep learning fun. And just like the rest of our center, the most important part of Pre-k is making sure to keep it fun so that all children enjoy attending and become life-long learners!

For inquiries about our school and our programs, please reach us at 410-535-6400 / 410-535-6401.