Little Einstein’s (24 months to 36 months )

Even at an early age, a child has unlimited learning opportunities.
Little Einsteins room

Welcome to social hour! This classroom is designed for busy little ones to spend time with one another in a safe environment that uses a child’s natural curiosity of the world around them to learn. Teachers guide children to help them with develop social skills, learn appropriate “classroom routine” behavior, and prepare in various ways for preschool. This classroom includes working on learning to stand in a line, potty-training, identifying their names and table manners, just to name a few. We encourage parents to “dress for a mess,” to help kids be comfortable getting a little dirty while exploring. We hope to have to visit during a busy time so you can get a feel for what this room is all about!

For inquiries about our school and our programs, please reach us at 410-535-6400 / 410-535-6401.