Clever Learners (3-year olds)

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Clever learners room

Welcome to Preschool! In this classroom, we continue preparing 3-4 year-olds for skills they will use in Pre-k and beyond. Although learning through play and developing social skills are a large part of what this class does, we also introduce things like name recognition and writing, beginning scissor/cutting skills, beginning phonics and phonemic awareness, and developing a number sense through fun games and activities, science experiments, music and movement, and various planned materials and activities.

Our teacher posts daily lesson plans, and provide parents with Newsletters and a Calendar for each month so they can see exactly what skills we are working on. Our classroom is designed specifically to best accommodate young minds in a layout similar to what they will experience in Pre-k and Kindergarten. We hold parent and teacher conferences to make sure parents are comfortable with the progress that their child is making and address any concerns. The most important part of this class is making learning fun to help create life-long learners. No one wants to come to school if its “boring!” Come visit this room to learn more about the fun things that Preschool is all about.

For inquiries about our school and our programs, please reach us at 410-535-6400 / 410-535-6401.